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Lifestyle Fitness for YOU.
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Become one of the hundreds of women losing weight for results that last!


Our online 1:1 coaching program is for you if you feel...

  • ...ready to see massive results in their health and fitness


  • ... Ready to have absolute food freedom while losing weight?

  • ... Tired of losing the same 10-15 pounds over and over

  • ​... Confused about the best approach that would be tailored for YOU?​​

  • ... ​Excited to keep this promise to yourself and build self-confidence?


  •'re ready to commit to yourself and results

  • ...wanting a coach who will hold them accountable and be a safe space to be themselves


  • ...willing to put in the work necessary to see results over time


  • ...want results that actually last instead of yo-yo dieting or hopping from program to program


  • If you were nodding along to ANY of those, then the  FFT Coaching is the perfect fit for you!

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At Jenn Wall Fitness, we do NOT believe in performing fad diets or the newest workout trend to see temporary results. 

This is coaching for busy women, who want to lose weight and take their confidence back in their body, self, and life without endless hours in the gym and weekly meal prep.

We educate and empower women with nutrition and workouts that work with their career and lifestyle.


M.S. Dietetics student
Integrative Health Coach

ACSM Certified Trainer

BONUS: Experienced in vegan nutrition for weight loss + fitness

  • NCI Level 1 + 2 Nutrition Specialist

  • Hormone Specialist

  • Gut Health Specialist

  • Thyroid Specialist

  • Women's Health Specialist

  • Wellfitz Integrative Health Coach

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Full Coaching:

-Your coaches' cell number for 24/6 texting support and questions.

-Official check-ins with progress photos once per week responded to with a custom voice memo from your coach

-Nutrition coaching, education on tracking macros, help with MyFitnessPal, and dietary questions

-Customized nutrition specifically for YOU to reach YOUR goals

-Nutrition and Exercise protocol adjustments as needed

-Monthly recipes so that you'll always have delicious foods available your goals

-Access to our exclusive Jenn Wall Fitness App for training protocols, progress measurement, progressive overload tracking, and syncing with fitness devices

-Jenn Wall Fitness Training Splits specific to your physique goals (with videos for every exercise)

-Cardio prescriptions including HIIT, LISS, Circuits, and Abs

-Training video assessments for form, safety, movement quality, and intensity

-The Jenn Wall Fitness Macro Tracking E-Book, Educational Handbook

-Unlimited access to customized daily stretching routine as part of your training package

-Access to your Coach’s Clients Only Group Chat for free love, hype, & support from the community of clients putting in work just like you

-Weekly (optional) group zoom calls: Monday night educational group call and mindset training

-Access to Zoom Call Recordings

-Knowledge, skills, and empowerment that will last you a lifetime

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Here's how we serve you!

-1:1 Coaching support via cell phone instant message with voice memo capabilities


-Weekly check-ins with a PERSONAL VIDEO message from your coach covering all the details of your new protocols in response to your progress updates!

-Nutrition education to completely help you understand how to choose the right foods for your body and lifestyle, macro tracking and goal setting education, customized for ALL dietary preferences (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) 


-Nutrition customized to the client’s dieting history using the Metabolic R.E.S.T.O.R.E Method

-Protocols adjusted/updated every check-in as needed for continuing client progress to overcome/prevent plateaus

-Access to our exclusive Fit and Fulfilled Team app for training protocols, progress measurement, progressive overload tracking, and syncing with fitness devices

-Fit and Fulfilled Team Training Splits specific to your physique goals (with videos for every exercise)

-Exercise and movement assessment to prevent injury and ensure training level intensity is effective

-Lifetime access to the EXCLUSIVE Fit and Fulfilled Team Macro Tracking E-Book, and all other 20+  Educational Resources for FREE included in your coaching package… 

-Coach-client Community Chat via instant message to ask questions with INSTANT answers for hype, support, and clarity!

-Bi-weekly (optional) group zoom calls: Monday night educational group call and mindset training

Completely customized mobile stretching routine for your goals and mobility challenges

-Access to Education Call Recordings

-Knowledge, skills, and empowerment that bring you a lifetime of lasting results


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