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Thank you!

My team and I are elated you're here and I'm proud of you for taking this next step on your health & fitness journey. Reaching your fitness goals will truly will go far beyond just creating a physical transformation!


Watch your welcome videos below to get excited and be prepared for the call.


Double-check your email to make sure you received the calendar invite with the zoom link for the call inside. If you did not get the invite, contact

and we will get it to you.


Keep an eye out for a text before your scheduled appointment from our Enrollment Specialist, Leah, to confirm your call. 

Check out the awesome transformations that women just like you have made! And hear what some of our other clients have been saying about our program below.

Next Steps:


Intro Video


After meeting and working with hundreds of clients, we've identified a few common questions you may have before joining FFT. We can dive into these on your call, but here's a quick way to get a headstart on those questions!

  • How much does your program cost?
    Our training and nutrition plans are 100% personalized to tailor to your specific needs (including pricing to fit your budget) we don't list every available pricing option on our site as this differs based on coaching program, length of commitment, support, etc. You can utilize our HSA/FSA reimbursement program or our Affirm partnership to create payment plans that fit your fitness needs and budget! ​ ​If you do feel like this program could help you based on what you've seen, we would love to help you pick plan would work best for you!
  • Will this work for me?
    Ohh yes! The question we all want to know! 🙌 We've calculated the data from the 500+ clients we've worked with to help reach their health & fitness goals and our client success rate is 92% . Our rate is high because we don't bring just everyone onto the team. We offer coaching only to women feel confident in helping fully! So as we chat, if we feel like we're not the best team of coaches to help you reach your goals, we'll kindly* let you know.
  • Does Jenn Wall Fitness offer any guarantees?
    Yes! Jenn Wall Fitness offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and if you're not completely satisfied with your experience, we will provide a full refund.
  • Do I need access to a gym to do the programs?
    Great question! If you at least have resistance bands or dumbbells or are willing to invest a little bit in some equipment for your home gym then that should 100% work!
  • Does the online coaching work for people who travel a lot?
    Yes, we encourage people to try to have as much of a routine as possible because it does create more consistency in their program, but your program is customized to you so if you are traveling your coach will create travel work outs for you if you choose to work out while you are traveling.

Meet Our
Enrollment Specialists

Hey, I'm Sierra!

I live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband, 2 kiddos, 4 dogs, and 3 cats. If my husband got his way, we’d have even more animals to add to our zoo!! I like to tease, but couldn’t imagine not having a full, fun house 😊 

Fun Fact: I grew up playing soccer, playing Division 1 in college. It’s a good thing I stuck to that sport because I couldn’t throw a ball to hit the red side of a barn if I tried! 

Favorite things to do outside of fitness: Travel, exploring new restaurants, and video games

Favorite Food: tacos and sushi

Favorite Drink: I was just gifted an espresso machine if that tells you anything ☕️ 

I love working with FFT and seeing women achieve not only their health and fitness goals, but show up as their best selves in the world, strong & confident!!

FFT Client Transformations

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What FFT Clients are saying

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