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Discover Effortless Fitness with Our Evidence-Based Training Membership

Golden Dots

Stop overthinking. Start training.

Welcome to FFT's training membership, where your fitness journey becomes seamless and evidence-based. Join a thriving community of women experiencing real transformations without the hassle of workout programming.

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No Commitments, cancel anytime!

Do you find yourself?

Feeling lost in the gym without a plan to follow?

Struggling to stay consistent with your workouts because you're not confident in your gym plan?

Researching workout routines online, trying to piece together a plan that fits your goals?

Searching through youtube hoping to find a quick and simple exercise tutorial?

Performing too many easy sets because you don't know which weight to choose?

Golden Dots

Training Sneak Peek

No need to worry about gym programming; we've got it all sorted for you. Trust in training programs grounded in scientific research for optimal results.

Quick & simple exercise tutorials with in-depth instructions.

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Long-term data tracking of exercise

Built-in rest time

Programmed sets, reps, intensity level, and execution details for every exercise.

Workout tracker to record reps and weight used so you can push for progress during your next workout.

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Real Women. Real Results. Same Approach.


Transform Your Fitness Journey

No commitments, cancel anytime.

Other programs are filled with fluff...

We've removed the excess to give you precisely what you need—no time wasted, no frivolous exercises just to create a false sense of effort.

We prioritize your time and energy, ensuring every exercise serves a purpose in your fitness journey. Get exactly what you need without the unnecessary extras.

Golden Dots

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the workouts suitable for all fitness levels?

Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our app offers a variety of workouts that cater to different fitness levels. You can start at your own pace and progress as you go.

How often should I work out with the membership to see results?

Consistency is key. We recommend following our workout plans as scheduled, but it's important to find a rhythm that suits your lifestyle. Listen to your body and aim for a balanced routine.

Do I need a gym membership?

Our training program is designed to be versatile with an at-home and gym version for each training split, making it convenient for your schedule and lifestyle.

What at-home equipment do I need?

We highly suggest dumbbells and resistance bands OR dumbbells and TRX straps. Dumbbells are great for all exercises, resistance bands or TRX straps are excellent for vertical pull exercises.

What if there's an exercise that I can't do?

You can substitute the exercise inside the app from the options of hundreds of suggested similar exercises to your programmed exercise!

Even More Results.

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No commitments, cancel anytime.

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